ChillNoW Original Music Award First prize 200,000 cash (NTD) + 1 million CNW            


#ChillNoW Original Music Award

Mentor Review

Well-known Taiwanese musicians such as Realachin, Vincent Fang, Bing Wang,and Kevin Lin are invited to serve as the judges for this event. In addition to cash prizes and CNW crypto-currency, the top 5 finalists will also receive professional advice and guidance from the judges.


If each contestant’s original work is submitted to this event, 10,000 CNW crypto-currency will be awarded for each original song. In addition to cash prizes, the top 5 will also be awarded high amounts of CNW crypto-currencies, allowing creators to step into the crypto world with one click.

Long-term Profit Sharing Plan

After being selected by the judges, the entries will be selected into the [ChillNoW Original Music Library]. In the future, if users of the ChillNoW short video platform choose your original song for short video shooting and receive rewards from other users, you will also get a share of CNW crypto-currency.

Submission Period

Stage 1

Due to COVID-19, the event schedule changes as below

Submission Period: 2021/07/23 ~ 2021/11/22

Crowd Voting Period: APP Launch Date ~ 2021/12/10

Review Period: 2021/11/23 ~ 2021/12/31

Award Ceremony: 2022/01/10 ~ 2022/01/14 (One day will be selected)

Stage 2

Voting Period: ChillNoW App launch date - 2021/10/22

Voting Method:

  1. Must be advanced member of ChillNoW App
  2. Advanced members can vote for multiple different original songs every day, but can only vote for the same original song once a day.

Selection Method

  1. Number of Votes for the composition: 50%
  2. Mentor Selection: 50%
Ranking Cash Awards Crypto Awards
First Place 200,000 NTD(Organizer Awards 150k, and mentor additional award of 50k) 1,000,000 CNW
Second Place 60,000 NTD 300,000 CNW
Thrid Place 50,000 NTD 200,000 CNW
Thrid Place 50,000 NTD 200,000 CNW
Thrid Place 50,000 NTD 200,000 CNW
Forth & Fifth Place 20,000 NTD 100,000 CNW
Best Composition Award 15,000 NTD 100,000 CNW
Best Lyricist Award 15,000 NTD 100,000 CNW
Participation Award - 10,000 CNW

Composition Details:

  1. Musical creation only. Duration of 60-90 seconds.
  2. May be presented in the following ways:
    1. Musical singing (background music, vocal and lyrics)
    2. Pure Musical (background music only)
  3. Rhythmic music with chorus that may involve dancing is preferential
  4. Participants must fill in real information in the entry form, indicate the type of genre, and provide personal contact information and composition.
  5. Participants must ensure that the submitted works are original or representative. If copyright-related issues arise, the original entrant shall be responsible.

Orignial Music Registration